Sunday, January 27, 2013

Postage Due

2001 Crown Royale - #117 - Kurt Warner
I had what I would consider to be my first "bad" Listia experience.  I got a bunch of "Greatest Show on Turf" (St. Louis Rams - Warner/Faulk/Holt/Bruce) for a pretty low # of credits + free shipping.  All is well, right? 

Wrong.  The lady sends me a bubble mailer with all the cards...and 90 cents of postage on it.

As all card traders know, sending a bubble mailer is at least $1.95 these days...and this particular package was $2.20, leaving $1.30 in unpaid postage to be paid by me.

Normally they would just send it back to the return address, except instead of a return address she just wrote "Danshelle."  Did nobody ever teach her what a return address meant??  Ay, ay, ay.

Anyway, at least I got this sweet die-cut Kurt Warner and a bunch of other Warners that I needed for my collection.  I'll just make sure I never try to buy from "Danshelle" again.


  1. I've only used listia 3 times, been screwed twice & one sale the buyer was a bitch, just because it took over 5 days.

  2. This happened to me on ebay a few months ago.

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys.

    Roy-Z, did you just pay the postage due, or file a complaint or some-such?

    Has this ever happened to anyone else?

    At least I was able to message her to let her know not to do that again. Her recent feedback has been better, so hopefully she got the message.

  4. I had one postage due issue on Listia. The card ended up getting sent back to the seller and she resent it to me with more postage. This took about a month and I was left in the dark about the progress. I didn't really care though because it was 1 card that I paid 25 credits for. She blamed the delay on the holidays. I figured out what really happened because she hadn't fully covered that return to sender stamp with the pointed finger that they stamp all over the envelope.

    I've had 2 other "incidents" on Listia, but they weren't postage due. One was not getting the card at all. The other, like Martyn had, was an impatient buyer who filed a complaint against me less than one week after the auction ended and 4 days after I shipped. She received the item the day after filing the complaint.

    Pretty sure that $1.95 minimum went up as of yesterday too...


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