Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Subconscious Has Crossed a Line

I have very vivid dreams.  Usually they resemble an action movie...lots of chases, shoot-outs, and crime.  To my knowledge I have never before dreamt of Topps Triple Threads, but last night's dream was a first.  Imagine with me...

<Fade In>
I walk into a card-shop in a very shady part of town.  Guy behind the desk has a GREAT selection of boxes at awesome prices.  I ask him why are the prices so low?  He says he has a hard time making sales since everyone who gets anything good in his store gets immediately robbed outside.  He hasn't sold any boxes all week.

I scan the shelves and see this:

I can't pass that up.  I pay my money and he slides me the box.  A crowd gathers as I open it up.  The base and the first four hits are a blur -- I can't make them out...then I get to the last hit.  A hush falls over my fellow collectors as I flip over a CARLTON FISK AUTO DNA RELIC (WITH HAIR SWATCH) NUMBERED #11/14.  (yes, I really dreamt that serial numbering)

I don't think much of it, but everyone around me starts whooping and hollering!  "You got a Fisk DNA Relic!  That's a $450 card right there, man!"  "Look at that low Serial-Numbering -- only out of 14!"  They are all so happy and decide that I am going to make it out of that shop with my cards -- thugs outside be damned.

A plan is hatched.  They will sacrifice themselves to get me to my car.  Eight or nine dudes (yes, all dudes) gather around me in a tight circle.  We charge out the door en masse...and the robbers descend upon us.  With my box tightly clutched under my arm I barrel forward as my collector brothers fall on all sides of me.  As we approach the car, I pull out my unlock...and dive into the front seat.  My last compatriot falls as I start the engine.  I throw the Buick in reverse and make it to the street and relative safety.

As I drive away, I think of those brave souls from the card shop.  My only companion is Carlton's shiny lock of hair staring up at me from the passenger seat.


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