Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Topps Football - Hall of Famers

Right before Christmas, my wife sent me to Toys-R-Us (TRU).  I was going to be out in that neighborhood, and she had an errand for me.  She had bought a Groupon-esque deal from somewhere that gave her $20 in credit at TRU for $10.  She wanted a specific brand/size/type of diapers for our son, so I said I'd pick those up for her.  After 20+ minutes of looking for said diapers, talking to the front desk, 2 trips to "check in the back", and much standing around, I finally had the pack of diapers in my hand.  It was $18.  I read the fine print on the deal...NO CHANGE/CREDIT GIVEN.  In other words, I had to find something to buy to get up to $20 or that value would disappear.

Fortunately(?) for me, I found the most pathetic card-display ever.  Some pokemon, full Topps sets, and $30 blasters of Ginter.  Yes, $30.  It was consistent that TRU priced all cards at 1.5x the price of cards anywhere else.  Their packs of Triple Play (that are 99 cents EVERYWHERE) were $1.50.  Whatever you do, DO NOT ever go to Toys-R-Us for cards.  I don't care if they have pretty purple parallels (and alliteration).  It will just depress you.

Finally, I settled on a $2.50 pack of 2012 Topps Football and just cracked it open today.

I got 3 Hall-of-Famers!

Well...Luck isn't there YET, but if he plays 10 years with yardage like this one he sure will be.  Picking up a base RC of him was a fun treat.  The Aikman is a "QB Immortals" insert (for trade if there are any Cowboys out there).  Ray Lewis is retiring after this season -what a beast of a player.  Watching his interviews is just as much fun as watching him play.  That Ravens season of "Hard Knocks" is still my favorite.

Was I happy with what I got?  Yes.  Would I ever buy cards there willingly again?  HECK NO.

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