Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Sickest Ryan Braun Auto I Have Ever Seen

Oh.  You thought I meant that OTHER Ryan Braun??????   Sorry, pal.

 That was just a tease to show you something else spectacular.  Wes at Jaybarkerfan's Junk has been running a "Free Card Friday" contest for the past several weeks.  It's easy -- you comment and are entered. Sometimes you have to guess the # on a serial numbered card.  It varies, but it's never hard.  A few weeks ago -- I was the winner!  And not just the winner of a few cards....I won the "big lot."  It was 250 cards, six total hits, plus a little bag of Royals goodies just for me.  Wes packed a small flat-rate box full for me, and I'm ready to show it off.  If you aren't reading his blog yet....MAKE SURE YOU DO!  Everything in this post came from him.

In addition to the Braun above at the start, there were two 2011 Royals liquorfractors:

KC Minis.

Another "MINDS" insert for me.  He also included a Tesla one, too, but I didn't see that until I had already scanned everything.  I am making steady progress on this subset.

(Everything below this point is for trade if there is something that you want for your collection.)

FOUR Hits.  Dang...that is a LARGE autograph on the Bird card.  Brandon Phillips looks unnaturally happy.  Geovany Soto looks unnaturally small.

Here is a whole Mess-o'-Minis.

Here is a whole Shebang-o'-Shinies.

Diamonds and Die-Cuts.

And lots of everything else.  This isn't even 20% of everything he sent me.

Thank you so much, Wes!  This was incredible!  I showed them ALL to my wife.  She was shocked at how good it was.  Much love, brother.

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  1. I spy a JPA I don't have...

    And '87 minisssss!


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