Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nobody NEEDS an Angel Berroa card

2004 Upper Deck - Angel Berroa
As I was opening up my package from Spankee's most-recent Moneyball Group Break, (he's a NEW DAD, btw) I was showing the cards to my wife.  At first I excitedly said "Here's an Angel Berroa card that I still need!"  Then I came to my senses and realized that, as my post-title implies, nobody needs an Angel Berroa card.  I complained a lot about him during his time in KC, so my wife would prefer not to have anything in the house by which to remember him.

2009 SP Authentic - #23 - Zack Greinke
SP Authentic was one of my favorite recent sets.  Clean design, white base stock, very nice.  This Greinke is a great example of it.

Here were a few more prospect beauties.  Although Salvy is up in the bigs now and doesn't look like he's going back to the minors anytime soon.

1983 Topps - Paul Splittorf

I don't know why this was in the group break.  Maybe it came from one of those "oddball" repacks or something...I doubt Spankee was opening a 1983 wax pack.  Anyway, I still love it.

2002 Donruss Super Estrellas #39 - Carlos Beltran
Jardinero!  Jardinerrrroooooooo...........!!!!!

What's this junk?  An expired code to go to the 2008 All-Star Game?  I think that game has already occurred.  After all that good stuff at the top, Spankee, I think your break is really going to the dogs.

2012 Allen and Ginter - Man's Best Friend - #2 - Dalmatian
Yeah.  It's DEFINITELY going to the dogs.  No way this break can be redeemed now.  :-)

2007 Topps Chrome Autograph - Angel Sanchez

Consider yourself redeemed!  This was a throw-in from our gracious host. I didn't know this one existed, so it was super-fun to see this come out of the envelope.

Indeed I do, Sad Harry Potter clone!  Indeed I do.  Thanks, Spankee.

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