Monday, December 17, 2012


Journey with me now to the past.  All the way to the year.....1982.  Reagan was President, "Physical" and "Eye of the Tiger" topped the charts, and I was 3.  I don't remember much (ok, anything) from that year, but from the look of these cards above, I was definitely missing out.

I made a small recent trade with blog-reader Paul B.  He sent me this "Tour of '82" -- Kansas City style.  Fleer, Donruss, and Topps. You can't go wrong with guys named Renie, Rance, and Quis (among many others).  Thanks again, Paul!


  1. I remember 1982 very well ... and I never want to hear "Abracadabra" ever again.

  2. Ah, graduation year. Had our 30th reunion a couple of months ago. Could name almost all the girls present, but very few of the guys. Tells you where my head was at in high school. Glad you enjoyed the cards.


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