Monday, May 13, 2013

What I Like About Blue

I could have titled this one, "What I Like About Night Owl," but that doesn't sound like a song-title.  At least not one that I have heard, anyway.  Maybe it's a dubstep song, but I don't know anything about that.

Night Owl sent me a PWE back in March and it was blue, through-and-through.

He sent these blue Royals:

He sent these blue Dodgers:

He even used the BLUE TAPE. 
 I can not stress enough how much better it is to get the packages with the painter's tape versus the ones with clear scotch tape 3-layers-deep over everything (that's right, Listia, I'm talking to you).  Bloggers, if you aren't using this stuff for shipping, do everyone a favor and go buy some.

So I told you this package was blue through-and-through.  That was a lie.  He included one more color.......


1991 Fleer...can't beat it.  :-)  Thanks, Night Owl!


  1. Well you got to admit that yellow card does have a lot of blue in it. :)

  2. In defense of scotch tape:

    If you fold over a tab an stick it to a top loader, the recipient SHOULD be able to tear it off without it sticking to oeverything.

    But then there is the ultra-clear scotch tape, that if someone uses, they should be forced to watch every one of Joe Blanton's starts this year and stare at a picture of Clay Buchholz before bed every night.

    1. I just saw a Joe Blanton start that was great! He gave up lots of runs to the Royals... :-)


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