Sunday, May 12, 2013

Reminders of My Youth

Iowa has cold winters, but no mountains.  That means from December-March you aren't doing too much stuff outside.  Growing up there, that meant watching a lot of college basketball during those cold, dark months.  My Dad was an Iowa State alum, so we cheered hard and loud for the Cyclones all those years.  One of their best players during m Junior-High/High-School years was Loren Meyer.  From Ruthven, IA, Meyer would go on from Iowa State to play three seasons in the NBA with the Mavericks, Suns, and Nuggets. 

Imagine my surprise when this came up on Listia recently.  It's my first Loren Meyer auto, and the only one I have ever seen. I got it fairly cheap, since most people have no idea who he is, and most who know don't care.  :-)

1995-96 Classic - Autograph Edition - Loren Meyer

The guy guarding him is "Big Country," Bryant Reeves of Oklahoma State. 

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