Friday, May 25, 2012

Berroa, Thy Pants Aren't Argyle

Angel Berroa - Hot Materials Relic - Future Swatch
Back in January (yikes!), I made a trade with Greg Z. from Plaschke Thy Sweater Is Argyle.  He was the prompt-posting half of this trade...posting what I sent him in February.  I sent him a Poker auto + Dodgers + Phoenix Suns.  Here's what I got in return.  The Berroa card above Greg was HAPPY to part with, and I was happy to get it.  I figured it was a jersey/shirt relic...until I looked a little closer - "Spring Training Pants."  I like to think that the card company had him changing in and out of pants all morning so they could make more of these.

Run your sprints...change your pants.

Take some BP...change your pants.

Hustle down the line....

...Change your pants.

The other relic I got out of this trade was a nice blue Brandon Marshall relic from the Broncos.  Yeah, that was 2 teams ago for him, but it's still a nice card.  
Leaf Rookies and Stars Relic - Brandon Marshall
 I like the weird stuff, too.  One of my fun collections is "Grumpy Coaches."  Greg was more than happy to oblige me with some NBA guys, a Zen-free Phil Jackson, and old Tommy Lasorda. 
 We also got an example of some fine NBA fashion.  Rec Specs + KJ's Bow-Tie.  SWEEEEEEET.

So which of these is your favorite??

Thanks, Greg!


  1. Glad you like everything, thanks again!

  2. Love that Rambis card. When the Charlotte Hornets drafted him I became a fan of his.

    1. Rambis's look (with the glasses and the 'stache) was so iconic. He was one of those guys where you would recognize him anywhere.


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