Monday, March 5, 2012

Craigslist Cards - What to Offer?

Hey all -- quick question...this guy on Craigslist has a lot of cards for sale.  Some G/U, Autos, and it looks like lots of miscellaneous.  He doesn't have a price on it -- he says to "make an offer."

My question to you is....How much should I offer him for this stuff?  Based only on what you can see, what do you think it is worth?  He's "local" to me, so there wouldn't be any shipping cost.  Please leave a comment below.


  1. It "feels" like a $200 start and you may need to come up from there. It looks like pretty good stuff in the pics but the rest could all be junk. I wonder if he would let you visit so you can get a better idea of what its got.

    1. I would definitely only start at $100 and see where it goes from there. I would at least want a count of how many gu/autos and how much of that stuff is junk wax!

  2. I contacted him last night...He wants $400, but said he would negotiate a little. That's still too high for my liking at this point. Maybe he will still have it in a month and I can talk him down, but this is likely a PASS for me.

  3. Dude, save your money and buy this one.

    I found the listing during a search today.

  4. 18-20 memorabilia cards...The rest is 80s/90s mostly. Baseball is only about 30% of it, which means the rest would be hard to trade.


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