Sunday, April 12, 2015

Favorite 2015 Topps Card - David Cone

2015 Topps - Free Agent 40 - #F40-13 - David Cone
What makes a good card?  Photo?  Color?  Design?  Subject?

I think it's a little of each of those, which is why my favorite card thus far this year is the David Cone  "Free Agent 40" card shown above. 

David Cone is a guy who isn't really "on-the-map" for current cards, so it was great to see one of him in this current release, especially in a Royals uni (rather than a Mets one).  The scan does not do justice to the colors on this one -- they are very saturated, and the glossy finish plus the foil make it really pop.  And it's all in delicious Royals blue. 


  1. I had to get that card when I first saw it. I would love to see more Cone cards, and Saberhagen too in current sets. Nothing against Brett and Bo, but they are always featured.

    1. More Saberhagen would be great!

      I'd like to see some Steve Balboni and Jeff Montgomery, too, but I doubt they'll ever appear again in a set.


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