Friday, September 20, 2013

2013 Super Bowl Champion...

...Kelechi Osemele!

2012 Fleer Rookie Sensations - Kelechi Osemele - RS-96
Kelechi was a late 2nd-round draft pick for the Ravens in 2012 and he won a starting job on the O-Line.  He parlayed his protection of Flacco into a Super Bowl ring during his rookie season.  Not too shabby of a way to start off!  He's an Iowa State alum (obviously). 

This one was a Listia purchase.  I got it for 1,700 credits...I was prepared to do at least 3,000, if necessary, so I was happy.  This seller threw in several extra cards for me in my package, so if you are looking for autos/relics...check him out.

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