Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Extreme Posting Delays - TTG Edition

TTG from "Friars on Cardboard" has been very good to me in the past

He's been good to me again...with these guys showing up in my mailbox on....May 1st.  So...I'm a little delayed, no biggie.  I'll just pop over to the FoC blog to leave a comment and let him know I'm really appreciate it.

Blog not found???

You know it's been awhile since you posted when a blog shuts down in between the time you get the cards and when you post them.  It looks like he's doing all his posting at gaslampball.com now.  I know "Gas Lamp" is the SD district, but I like to picture the Padres playing all their games with flaming spheres of gas that explode upon being hit.  You'd get a lot fewer Home-Runs that way....but the opposing infielders would all be really scared.

But I digress...here's the oddballs he sent me!

I've seen the "Rub Downs" before, but the "Pro Stamps" were completely new to me.  Thanks again, sir!


  1. Friars on Cardboard became 'From an Unlikely Source!'. Like an idiot I changed the url, broke all my links, and seemingly fell off the face of the earth.

    ...glad you liked the oddballs.


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