Sunday, April 1, 2012

Garvey Sweeney Russell Lincoln

I made lots of trades in January/February.  Then everything went bananas and I didn't post a thing about any of them.

So here is the first of several of these trades.  I posted a bunch of Dodgers stuff back then, and Jim of Garvey Cey Russell Lopes contacted me about several of them.  He looked at my want-list and sent me a small BOX of stuff. 

It was mostly Royals (naturally) -- here were some of my favorites:

Mike Macfarlane with a Play at the Plate.  Vince Coleman romancing his bat.

Heads.  Lots of  Royals heads.  Hey -- lookie there!  More Macfarlane!!  He's pointing the way to the Playoffs.  Not really.  The Royals don't make the Playoffs.

Here's a gold Randa and a wrinkled Brett.  "Gold Randa" sounds like a good name for a Private Eye.  Maybe I'll write a book starring him.  The title of the first novel will be "The Case of Gold Randa and the Wrinkled Bretts."

I like the 1987 Donruss design for some reason.  And the Carrasco is a weird dot-matrix serial-number. 

Here is a sampling of the stuff from Upper Deck - A Piece of History:

Misters Lincoln and Ponce De Leon.  Apparently the Spanish had gained colorization technology a few centuries before the Americans did.

Pink submarines and a turkey.  That's the history of America in a nutshell.

Jim threw in one more thing that I found to be....AWESOME.

2000 Stadium Club - Mike Sweeney Relic - #SCS5
That's my third Mike Sweeney relic, and I am happy to add it to my collection!

Thanks so much, Jim!

(He already posted the stuff that I sent him HERE and HERE)

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  1. "He's pointing the way to the Playoffs. Not really. The Royals don't make the Playoffs."



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