Saturday, April 21, 2012

Drew Brees and the Eyes of the Owl

(I am WAY behind on trade package postings and purchases...this one is two months old.  Apologies to everyone who has been sending me good stuff.  I'm working on the backlog now.)

2010 Allen and Ginter # 287 - Drew Brees
Sometimes you get something good, and then it keeps getting better.

I have had a good relationship with Night Owl.  I love his blog, and had already made a trade with him earlier.  Awhile back I posted my Dodgers Trade Bait, and he responded that he wanted the Chad Billingsley relic that I had received in Spankee's group break.  I sent that out to him along with a bunch of other stuff off his wantlist.  He fired a package back at me containing some great cards, including the Drew Brees above!  That was #1 on my Most-Wanted List!  Now I've got it -- lovin' it.

Here's a sampling of the stuff he sent me:

A Sweeney, a UL, and LOOK at that soup-strainer on Dennis Leonard.  That is STRONG.  He reminds me of my old engineering professor... 
Erik Antonsson - Not a Baseball Player

Orel Hershiser
Some cool Orel Hershisers found their way in.  The Fleer has a good texture to it.  I remember buying some packs of Topps Kids in my youth.  They were cheap and fun.  Just like Donruss Triple Play.

The sizing was all over the place here.  I was so confused.  Wilson Betemit was normal-sized, but very COGNAC-y.  Nelson Briles was a 1975 mini.  George Brett was WAY too big for his britches.  Seriously...his britches were a really odd size.

All that stuff was great.  It was a good trade -- some Dodgers were sent and some Royals received -- what more could I ask for?

A week later, I got another envelope from him...a little "something extra" to say thanks.  Oh yeah, his little extras are #'d to 50... :-)

2002 Fleer Hot Materials - Mike Sweeney relic - HM-MS - #27/50
What a guy.  Night Owl, that is.  Although Sweeney is cool, too.


  1. Glad both packages arrived safely. I've got to say I'm entranced by your old professor's mustache.

    1. He was my advisor for awhile. During meetings it took everything in my power not to reach out and stroke it.

  2. That is some stache. It looks like an entity.

    1. I was afraid it would just crawl away.


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