Friday, February 17, 2012

Stephen Gostkowski - Net Fusion

One of my goals to fill out my collection in the future is to expand my collection of NFL Kickers and Punters.  When I saw last Fall that Pacific was coming out with an insert set of ALL kickers, I knew I would have to get part of it.   Kickers + "Net" Manu-Relics???  I'm IN.   I was all set to get it...until I saw the prices.  They were WAY too high - at least for my taste. 

During a recent Ebay scouring, I saw this guy -- Stephen Gostkowski of the Patriots.
2011 Crown Royale Net Fusion - #15 - Stephen Gostkowski
I ended up with this for $4 + shipping, which was finally within the "reasonable" range for me (that's still the 2nd-most money I've ever spent on a card).  It looks sweet.and will feature prominently as the centerpiece of my kicker collection for the immediate future. 

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  1. I was excited to see that Panthers kicker Olindo Mare was in the set too. Then he stunk up the 2011 season and now I have little desire to own that card.


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