Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Repack Surprise

I like to keep a few sealed packs on-hand for times when I really want to open something, but don't want to head all the way to the store to buy something.  I've found one of the best ways to do that is to get the 20-pack Fairfield repacks from Target.  I've been gradually working my way through one of those for the last month or so, and was down to two packs left...neither of which particularly excited me:  a 2016 Leaf Babe Ruth pack and one remaining pack of 2015 Topps Series 1.  First I opened the Babe Ruth pack and of Babe Ruth (yawn).  Next was the Topps pack.  There had been about 4 packs of Series 1 altogether in here, and I hadn't received anything to write home about.  I wasn't expecting much from this one either, and it didn't start out promising as I read the card names from the back...

Tony Sipp.

Bryce Berentz.

Tom Koehler.

You can see where this is going...dullsville.
Brandon Belt.
Clayton Kershaw. -- Well, at least he's somebody I know I can trade.  It's the #100 card.

Eric Young.

Mets Team Card.

Etc.  Another boring pack.  However, I flip the cards over to look at the pictures on the front, and am pleasantly surprised.  The Mets team card has an interesting camo-uni photo...and the Clayton Kershaw card looked...different.

It wasn't this card #100 that I was expecting:

It was this card #100:

The "bubble-gum" variation.  I had forgotten this was a thing...but knew I hadn't seen this card before.  It was definitely a nice thing to see out of a Fairfield repack!

So the question to my Dodger-collecting friends is....Does anybody need it?


  1. I love pulling SPs from repacks. Totally makes the purchase worthwhile.


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