Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Win It For Them

One game.

One chance for the Royals to finish this great season tonight with an incredible flourish.

One chance to win it for all those to have loved this team and worked over the years to make it what it is.  Win it for them.

Win it for Mike Sweeney - who gave the Royals everything he had, even when it clearly wasn't enough.

Win it for Billy Butler - who saw us through some lean years but is hitting in the heart of the order in the most-important game of his life.

Win it for Frank White - whose analysis on the broadcasts rekindled my wife's love of baseball and eased her conversion from an Angels fan to a Royals fan.

Win it for all the KC fans spread across the country - the small contingent who show up for road games in places like Anaheim, San Diego, and Seattle to cheer on the team they love.

Win it for Sung Woo Lee - who loved this team from across the globe.

Win it for all the guys who contributed this year, but aren't on the WS roster - Colon, Chen, Hendricks, Crow, Ibanez, and Giavotella.

Win it for those players that hustled for teams who could never catch a break - David DeJesus, Joakim Soria, Kevin Appier, Gil Meche, Joe Randa, Mark Teahen, and John Buck.

But most of all, win it for my son, James - who saw his first live KC game this past Memorial Day, wore his Alex Gordon shirt for preschool picture day, and snuggles up to me on the couch to catch an inning or two every night before bedtime.  I can assure you, there will be no bedtime enforcement tonight. 



  1. Brilliant! That is beautifully written. I would like to add a couple though if I could.

    Win it for my cousin who was born in 1994 and has never seen a KC World Series Champions. Win it for Hochevar who if had been healthy all year could have helped us be in a better position, or wouldn't have made it at all.

    I would like them to win it for me too but they may be a bit greedy, but I think my dad is smiling down on me just enjoying how much excitement I am having this year.

    Win it for Kansas City, who has to endure all these years, and all the rumors of contraction and how they are a farm team to the major market high salaries.

    1. Thanks, man! We can definitely add "Win it for me" to this list. :-)

  2. Win it for all of Missouri! From Royals fans in STL area.

  3. I was at game 6 last night...never have seen anything like it, anywhere!


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