Friday, December 7, 2018

CONTEST: Baseball Sheep 2018


In 2014 I ran a little contest called "Baseball Sheep" - we got 34 entrants, answered some fun questions, gave out some prizes, and had ourselves a ball.  LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!

How to play:
I have created this form ( which has 20 baseball and baseball card-themed questions.  (Click on it now to see the questions.) There are no right or wrong answers.  However, your goal is to put down the answer that you think will be the most-common answer to that question -- it is not necessarily how you would answer it yourself.  Think of it like the baseball version of "Family Feud."  Don't be too original!  Don't be too wacky!  Remember, you are but a simple-minded sheep who follows the rest of the mindless flock (who also happens to like cards and read blogs).  

How to win:
Once all of the entries are in, I will tally the answers for each question.  You will receive the number of points equal to the number of people who shared your answer on a given question.  For example, if I said "What is a team in the AL East?", and the responses were (Yankees - 12, Red Sox - 7, Orioles - 1), then each person who said Yankees (the biggest sheep) would receive 12, the Red Sox respondents would receive 7, and the one guy who said Orioles would just get the single point for himself.  I will sum up the score for each of the 20 questions -- HIGHEST SCORE WINS.

I will accept responses until 11:00 PM Pacific on Sunday, December 16th.  After that I will tally the scores and make a post about it.

1) I will have a prize for the 1st-place finisher...likely some '70s-era vintage, or modern-era relic cards, or MLB Showdown cards, or a bubble-mailer full of the winner's favorite team, or something from their want-list (if I have it), or a combination of all of these.. 

2) There will also be a similar prize for one of the game entrants drawn at random from all the entries -- so even if you are a big loser with your responses, you still can win!  If you promote this contest on your blog or twitter (post a link in the comments), I will include an extra entry for you in that second-chance drawing.  

I would love to see us have 40 (or more!) entrants in this contest, and I can't wait to see what all the answers are!

So make sure you fill out this form ASAP!  Who's in?


  1. This was fun. My entry is named after my blog "The Collector"

  2. Entered! Can't wait to see the results - Family Feud was one of my favorite game shows growing up.

  3. That was a fun 15 minutes. Thank you!

  4. Great idea. I think I missed this last time.

  5. This sounded like fun, that was until I took a look at the questionnaire, I couldn't even come up with a single answer on about half of them, let alone whatever the most likely generic answer would be -- apparently I'm getting really out of the know as far as who's doing what to whom goes :(

  6. That was fun. Might turn this into a blog post... with my actual responses.

  7. So many good responses so far! You all are doing great!

  8. As I mentioned on TCDB, fun! Thanks for contest. Hard to think like a sheep. Looking forward to seeing the answers.

  9. Just entered. Excited to see the results! Thanks


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